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Weekly News Recap: Largest Regional Carnival – State Park Fountain



The Self-Sufficiency project is launching a new program to raise awareness of the impact of child trauma

Newton, NJ (July 23, 2021) – The Self-Sufficiency project has launched PACEs, a new initiative dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of childhood trauma with the goal of preventing adverse childhood experiences. To see also : The request could not be satisfied. The agency invites professionals, teachers, parents, health care providers and carers to attend the kick-off lunch, on Thursday, July 29.th, at noon, with New Jersey Office of Resilience Executive Director David Ellis and pediatric and family therapist Kris Imbrie.

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Financial Corner: Is the Roth IRA better for young workers?

If you’re in the early stages of your career, you probably don’t think much about retirement. On the same subject : 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes People Make at 50. Regardless, it is never too early to start preparing …

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Upcoming events: Hopatcong Marketplace Christmas in July – Outdoor Concert: Music from the British Invasion

Nice weather this weekend to celebrate Christmas at Hopatcong Market in July, Jefferson is hosting a Gazebo concert with Carnaby Street that … See the article : Advisors Are Helping Clients Show Boomerang Kids the Door..

A local artist is exhibiting “Uranium’s Mirror” at Morris College

Open auditions for “The Cemetery Club” – Roxbury Arts Alliance

Cemetery Club was introduced in agreement with Concord Theatricals, on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

CCM builds on its mission as the # 1 New Jersey Community College

Randolph, NJ: Going through the other side of the pandemic, County College of Morris (CCM) is ready to continue to change lives and strengthen …

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