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AXOS Self-Directed Trading Review | The Ascent

When you open a stand-alone trading account, you will have access to a trading platform that offers stock trading with no commission and ETF, plus more than 10,000 mutual funds. Approved members gain access to options and margin trading. You can open an individual or joint taxable investment account.

Minimum investment

No minimum investment is required to open a self-managed investment account. To see also : Inheritance and TSP Beneficiaries. But you have to invest at least $ 50 to open an IRA.

Offered services

With Axos’s free self-trading account, you can open a single or joint taxable investment account or apply for a traditional or Roth IRA, which the bank says will be coming soon. This may interest you : 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your IRA. These accounts give you access to trading stocks and commissions without commission, and trading mutual funds.

For additional benefits, you can sign up for Axos Elite membership for $ 10 per month. Membership brings you a reduced fee for contract options, plus access to margin stores, extended business hours until 7pm (east) and real-time market data.

If you prefer a practical investment, you can open a managed portfolio rather than a stand-alone account. These automated portfolios include automatic rebalancing and can be adjusted based on your goals and timeline.

In addition to brokerage, Axos offers many other financial services, so you can manage your money through a single application. Access checks, high-yield savings and money market accounts, as well as mortgages, personal loans and car loan refinancing.

Prices and fees

Here are the main fees to keep in mind for an Axos investment account: To see also : 2020 RMD: Meet IRS Form 8606.