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David Defeso will teach you what to do after maximizing your retirement account

David Adefeso Drop a new video on financial advice. Look here.

“What to do after maximizing your retirement account If you’re looking for another tax-efficient way to maximize your 401 (k) contribution and save for retirement at work, you’re in luck. (Even if you don’t have a retirement account at work, they still apply to you). Depending on your income, you may be able to participate in an IRA or a Roth-IRA, ”David wrote the headline. I did.

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He continued: “The traditional IRA, or‘ individual pension account ’, is a powerful retirement plan that allows you to make tax-deductible tax-deductible contributions. Money is taxed only after you withdraw it. Roth-IRAs are equally strong, but have the opposite tax treatment from traditional IRAs. This means that you will now pay tax, subject to certain restrictions, but if you give up, you will no longer pay income tax on your account. The maximum contribution to the traditional and Roth-IRA in 2021 is 6,000 US dollars. $ 7,000 for those over 50. “

‘(Please note that income limits apply, and there are certain restrictions when withdrawing money before retirement, so be sure to research and contact a certified accountant or advisor to decide which is more appropriate. Please judge). This clip shares options you can use to continue saving when your retirement account runs out. “Biofollow @ david.adefeso link,” David writes.

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Someone said, ‘As always great advice’. I love your Sunday show A’A commentator posted this: ‘Thank you for breaking down topics that are always hard to understand and making them so easy 👏👏’

A follower said, ‘You are such a barbarian, I love this! 😍❤️ It needs to be seen and commented on by more people! Sam I worked with @smmriot on the same issue, maybe they will help 🥰 ‘

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David Defeso will teach you what to do after you maximize your retirement account

Original link David Defeso will teach you what to do after you maximize your retirement account